Spanish Colonialism of San Antonio de Bexar (Canary Island Colonists)
by Peter Flynn
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Note from the author:
Texas colonialism. Canary Island settlers of San Antonio. Texas first civil settlement. Meets TEKS 7.1A, 7.2C
Watch the video and then read the following text about the Canary Island colonists who settle San Antonio to answer the questions below.

More than 250 years ago, a group of fifty-six (56) Canary Islanders were the first civilians to settle in San Antionio. San Antonio which had many missions and a presidio was very small in population. This marked the first time that settlers would develop a civil settlement in the area that we now know as San Antonio, Texas. In 1730, land was becoming very scarce in the vocanic Canary Islands. The Canary Islands were off the western coast of North Africa and was a Spanish possesion. Desperate for new opportunities, they asked King Phillip of Spain to allow them to settle in any of the newly founded Spanish colonies in North America.

Spain and France were enemies during this period. King Phillip woried that the French were desiring to colonize some of the land claimed by Spanish explorers. The king offered the people who desired to leave the Canary Islands free passage to New Spain to counter French desires of these disputed areas. Ten families agreed to move to what we know is Texas. He provided them with money, supplies and land.

What would you take?
How do you think that these first settlers impacted Texas and San Antionio.
You teacher will hand you another reading assignment for your small group to discuss.
What impact do you think the early settlers had on San Antonio and Texas based on your reading, videos and group discussion?
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