Skeletal System Exit Ticket
by Kristen Locke
| 5 Questions
Note from the author:
Skeletal System Exit Ticket
1 pt
What is one of the functions of the skeletal system?
A Makes blood cells
B Makes Calcium
C Makes the internal organs stronger
D Makes Zinc
1 pt
Marrow is the inner part of the bone that makes red blood cells, white blood cells, and _________.
A Patella
B Ligaments
C Platelets
D Muscle
1 pt
an example of a Immoveable joint would be __________.
A Knees
B Hip
C Shoulder
D Skull
1 pt
Humans are the only animal with a skeleton.
1 pt
How does the Skeletal System maintain Homeostasis?
A It maintains the calcium levels in the blood.
B It helps keep are body temperature constant.
C By sweating when we're hot, and shivering when we're cold.
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