The passive
by Montse Folguera
| 12 Questions
Note from the author:
English Foreing Language, EFL, intermediate, B1
Let's revise some passive basics and see which is our starting point.

1 pt
Some sentences below are active and some are passive. Which sentences are in the passive form?
Shop windows at Macy's are decorated by creative designers.
The products of this online store are cheaper than the competitors'.
The department store offers discounts all year long.
Customers were tempted at the shop entrance with flyers offering a discount.
1 pt
The passive is formed with the verb to be an the past participle (3rd column / -ed)
If we want to transform a sentence from active to passive we must change the order of the elements in the sentence. Look at the picture:
1 - locate the verb (wrote).
2 - place the object (Hamlet) at the beginning of the new sentence, as the new subject.
3 - transform the verb into passive ( verb to be in the same verbe tense + -ed/3rd col.).
4 - place the original subject (Shakespeare) after the transformed verb and the preposition by. If the subject is not relevant (they, someone, everyone...) we don't need to include it.
1 pt
Which option is a correct passive form of this sentence?
Customers exchange clothes easily.
Customers are exchanged clothes easily.
Clothes exchanged by customers easily.
Clothes are exchanged easily by customers.
1 pt
Which option is a correct passive form of this sentence?
They didn't sell this make online.
This make isn't sold online.
This make wasn't sold online.
Online wasn't sold this make.
Transform these sentences from active to passive.
1 pt
Shops offer discounts during the sales period.
1 pt
They printed thousands of flyers to advertise the new cafè.
Transform these sentences from active to passive. Your teacher will correct them after your answers have been sent.
1 pt
They always refund your money.
1 pt
The company distributed free samples.
1 pt
They don't accept credit cards at this shop.
1 pt
The shop will reduce the prices at the end of the season.
1 pt
The seller and the customer negotiated on the price.
1 pt
How do you feel about passives?
I understand the passive form and I can transform and write sentences without serious mistakes or difficulties.
I understand the passive form but I make some mistakes or I have some difficulties.
I understand the passive form but I make serious mistakes or I have a lot of difficulties.
I don't understand the passive form.
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