Think Puzzle Explore
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by Niko Lewman
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Note from the author:
Think Puzzle Explore
Purpose: What kind of thinking does this routine encourage?
This routine activates prior knowledge, generates ideas and curiosity and sets the stage for deeper inquiry.
Application: When and where can I use it?
This routine works especially well when introducing a new topic, concept or theme in the classroom. It helps students take stock of what they already know and then pushes students to identify puzzling questions or areas of interest to pursue. Teachers can get a good sense of where students are on a conceptual level and, by returning to the routine over the course of study, they can identify development and progress. The third question is useful in helping students lay the ground work for independent inquiry.
What do you Think you know about this issue?
What would be interesting to investigate and learn more about?

What are you wondering about?

Are there things about this issue that ou are curious about?
What questions, PUZZLES, or wonderings you have?
Use the padlet below to collaboratively plan your next step:
Whom might you ask?
Where could you find more information?
What sources would be worth exploring?
What could you do to investigate, other than looking up information?
How can you gather data?
What excites you about this issue?

Write down your search key words and a key sentence of your inquiry
Use this link to access the google doc:
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