Cell Membrane Part 1 Virtual Lab
by John Lundy
| 7 Questions
Note from the author:
A virtual lab looking at diffusion and osmosis
To to:
Then do the below.
Next,, go to:
Then do the folowing
Stop the simulation and set to O2 to "high" and replay. Describe the difference between the low trial and the high trial.
Work through all the variables possible, then discus with your lab partner, how does concentration impacts the rate of diffusion.
Next, Go to:
Then do the following
Use the virtual lab set up to perform an experiment to compare the dynamic equilibrium of diffusion when the membrane is permeable to only one type of molecule compared to when it is permeable to both. Then upload a copy of your two graphs.
With as much detail as you are able, explain the differences and similarities between the processes of osmosis and diffusion.

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