M4:U1:Mid-Unit Assessment
by Ashton Boger _ Staff - WhiteOakES
| 10 Questions
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Directions: Read Chapter 4 of The Hope Chest and answer the following questions.
Part I:
After reading Chapter 4, “Henry Street,” of The Hope
Chest, reread the first paragraph of page 42:

“The Henry Street Settlement House had stone steps
with wrought-iron railings. At the bottom of the steps
sat a group of girls playing jacks and a woman rocking a
baby in a baby carriage with her foot.”

Look at this artwork inspired by The Hope Chest.
How does the illustration reflect the description in the text? Check all the details that apply.
A. The Henry Street Settlement House had stone steps
B. A woman rocking a baby in a baby carriage with her foot
C. Wrought-iron railings
D. At the bottom of the steps sat a group of girls playing jacks
What might the artwork help the reader understand about the neighborhood the Henry
Street Settlement House was in that the text does not? Use details from the artwork to support your
answer. (RL.4.7)
Read this sentence from page 42:
“Violet followed her with some trepidation.”
What is the meaning of the word trepidation?
Underline the correct answer. (RL.4.4, L.4.4a)
A. A feeling of excitement
B. A feeling of anger
C. A feeling of fear
D. A feeling of sadness
Which phrases in the text best help you understand the meaning of the word trepidation? Underline all
that apply. (RL.4.1, RL.4.4, L.4.4a)
A. “‘I think we just go in,’ said Myrtle.”
B. “She hesitated, but Myrtle pushed the door open and went in.”
C. “Violet had a lifelong training in good manners, and it did not include going into other people’s houses without knocking.”
D. “The house had an ordinary hall, with a carpet and an umbrella stand.”
Underline the synonyms of trepidation and circle the antonyms. (L.4.5c)
Read this sentence from page 43.

“It was a parlor, rather like the one back home had
been before it was turned into Stephen’s recuperation

Use the dictionary to determine the meaning of the
word recuperation and write the meaning in your own
words. (RL.4.4, L.4.4c)
Read this sentence from page 44. “I hope you ladies won’t think me discourteous if I express some curiosity
as to who might be inquiring for Miss Mayhew.” If “courteous” means polite and respectful, what do you
think discourteous means? Underline the synonym for discourteous below. (RL.4.4, L.4.4b, L.4.5c)
A. Kind
B. Polite
C. Rude
D. Ugly
How does Mr. Martin feel about Myrtle and Violet?
Check the best answer. (RL.4.3)
A. Happy to see them
B. Angry they decided to visit him
C. Disappointed with them for disturbing his reading
D. Concerned about them
Underline the sentences from Chapter 4 that support your answer. (RL.4.1, RL.4.3)
A. “‘I’m afraid Miss Mayhew isn’t here,’ said Mr. Martin. ‘She isn’t in New York, actually.’”
B. “Mr. Martin leaned forward, looking concerned.”
C. “Are you in New York with your parents Miss Mayhew? And what about you, Miss Davis? Where have you sprung from, and don’t they miss you there?”
D. “It’s a very worthwhile cause,” said Mr. Martin.
Directions: Throughout the first half of this unit, you have
been practicing reading aloud excerpts of The Hope Chest
for fluency and accuracy. In this assessment, you are
going to read aloud a new excerpt of the book. (RF.4.4)

To prepare, read the excerpt once silently. Your teacher
will tell you when you should begin reading aloud.
Remember the criteria you recorded on the Fluent
Readers Do These Things anchor chart as you read the
text with accuracy and expression.

Excerpt: Pages 48–49, from “Violet didn’t have to do the
math ...” to the end of the chapter.
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