Money Making Review
by Caroline Downey
| 7 Questions
2 pts
Today you are going to review what you've learned so far about money! Before you begin, please write a sentence stating how comfortable you are with counting and identifying money. Use the scale of 1 (confused) ,2 (getting there), or 3 (I understand).
2 pts
Which of the coins below is worth 25 cents?
A: Dime
B: Nickel
C: Quarter
D: Penny
2 pts
Two dimes is equal to one quarter.
5 pts
Using the fewest amount of coins possible, please draw/show $1.45.
1 pt
Which combination below shows 25 cents or $0.25?
A: 2 dimes and a nickel
B: 4 nickels
C: 20 pennies
D: 4 dimes
5 pts
You go to Target and have $10.00 to spend. You decide you'd like to buy a stuffed Minion for $8.75. How much money will you get back? Show your work below. Don't forget units!
2 pts
What is another way to show the value of $5.00 like the picture above?
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