Unit 4 Check in
by Svetlana Concannon
| 6 Questions
1 pt
Kendall earns $15 an hour babysitting for her neighbors. Write an equation for the situation, where y is the total amount of money donated and x is the number of hours babysat.
1 pt
Find the slope, show the set up first and then solve.
(9, 14) (-7, -6)
1 pt
For problem #2, identify the type of slope.
A Undefined Slope
B Positive Slope
C Zero Slope
D Negative Slope
1 pt
A car travels at a constant rate. If the car travels 250 miles in 5 hours, what is the unit rate? Include units in the answer.
1 pt
You burn 180 calories while running on the treadmill for 12 minutes. There is a proportional relationship between calories burned and time. Find the unit rate.
1 pt
For problem #5, how many calories you would burn in 20 minutes.
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