Energy Sources
by Dawn Crumpler
| 4 Questions
Which energy resource can be easily exhausted if proper methods are not taken for its conservation?
A. freshwater resources
B. fossil fuels
C. solar energy
D. hydroelectricity
Why is nuclear energy considered a non-renewable resource?
A. because uranium, a radioactive element is mined and has its limitations
B. because coal is mined and is limited
C. because natural gas is located beneath the ocean and it will run out
D. because petroleum products are radioactive and are not sustainable
Which type of renewable energy source requires the use of photovoltaic cells?
A. wind power
B. hydropower
C. solar power
D. biomass
Geothermal energy is available only
A. at locations near volcanic activity like Iceland or Hawaii
B. everywhere on Earth
C. exclusively in North Carolina
D. in Africa near the sahara desert
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