The Three Cranes: A Chinese Folktale
by Erin Scagnelli
| 10 Questions
1 pt
What is the lesson of the story?
No one can ever fully pay off a debt.
Above all else, a good friend is loyal.
Only a lazy person will be poor and hungry.
If you are generous, good things will happen to you.
1 pt
Read this sentence from the story.
"Only a lazy man would be as poor as you," people said. Others yelled, "Get a job, useless beggar!"
Which word has the SAME root word as useless?
1 pt
Read this sentence from the story.
"No matter how busy Wang became, he always kept a bowl of soup for the needy."
The suffix -y means "full of." Which answer choice uses -y in the same way as needy?
1 pt
Read this sentence from the story.
"Word of the dancing cranes spread like wildfire. More and more came to see the cranes."
What does spread like wildfire mean?
became very hot
traveled very fast
burned down the forest
applied something smoothly
1 pt
Read this sentence from the story.
"Life is a schoolroom. Show others what you know about kindness, and that will repay me."
What does life is a schoolroom mean?
The world is set up like a room at school.
People go to many schools during their lives.
People learn many lessons as they live their lives.
Everything people need to know can be learned from a teacher.
1 pt
If the story were told from Wang's point of view, the reader would know
why the cranes danced.
what Wang thought of Tian.
why Tian came down from the mountaintop.
what the people in the inn thought about the cranes.
1 pt
What happens FIRST in the story?
Wang becomes very rich.
Wang gives Tian soup, tea, and rice.
Tian exchanges clothes with a beggar.
The three cranes begin dancing in the inn.
1 pt
What is the MAIN problem in the story?
Wang cannot figure out how to repay Tian for making him rich.
When Tian leaves the mountain, he is hungry and thirsty.
People make fun of Tian because he is poor and has no money.
People who live in the village are not kind or helpful to one another.
1 pt
Why does Tian's attitude toward the villagers change from the beginning to the end of the story?
He meets a kind innkeeper.
Many villagers gave Tian money and food.
His cranes tell him good things about the villagers.
A beggar from the village offers to exchange his clothes with Tian.
1 pt
Why do the villagers think that Tian is poor?
No one knows who he is.
He is wearing a beggar's clothes.
He is walking by himself in the village.
No one believes he has three dancing cranes.
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