The Science of Biology Part 1 Concept Review 2
by John Lundy
| 3 Questions
Note from the author:
An assignment to review the scientific method and inductive vs deductive reasoning.
1 pt
Place the statments with the correct step in the scientific method.
  • My coffeemaker works
  • If something is wrong with the outlet, my coffeemaker also won’t work when plugged into it.
  • Why doesn’t my toaster work?
  • I plug my coffee maker into the outlet
  • My toaster doesn’t toast my bread
  • There is something wrong with the electrical outlet.
  • 1. Observation:
  • 2. Question:
  • 3. Hypothesis:
  • 4. Prediction:
  • 5. Experiment:
  • 6. Result:
1 pt
Classify the following as either deductive or inductive reasoning.
  • 1. All flying birds and insects have wings. Birds and insects flap their wings as they move through the air. Therefore, wings enable flight.
  • 2. Insects generally survive mild winters better than harsh ones. Therefore, insect pests will become more problematic if global temperatures increase.
  • 3. Chromosomes, the carriers of DNA, separate into daughter cells during cell division. Therefore, DNA is the genetic material.
  • 4. Animals as diverse as humans, insects, and wolves all exhibit social behavior. Therefore, social behavior must have an evolutionary advantage Answer
  • inductive
  • deductive
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