Ticker Tape Edpuzzle with Follow-up Lab
by Mrs. Parkins
| 3 Questions

1. Fill in the introduction section on your paper.

2. Watch this video to help you with the procedure and data tables.

The outlined content above was added from outside of Formative.

3. Now you have to make the graph of your data. Look at the picture to help you make the graph.

Now that you made the graph. What is different between the two lines?
They are the same
One is curved and one is straight
The time is different

4. Go back to your paper, and go to the conclusion. With a partener (in a group of 2), talk about question 1 and 2 in the conclusion section. Then fill in the sentence on the line.

Type your answer from your paper here for question 1:
Type your answer from your paper here for question 2:

For the rest of the activity, answer the questions on your paper.

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