Wonders Unit 1
by Rebecca Reed
| 7 Questions
Read the sentences from the passage.
"But that's why I like these winter count nights. I'm happy to see all your faces here tonight."

Which sentences use the word faces in the same way it is used in the passage? Pick three choices.

A Our soccer team faces the best team today.
B My house faces John Smith's house.
C The boys' faces were full of dirt.
D The faces of the children were bright with joy.
E My father faces many problems at work.
F My sisters' faces showed they were surprised.
Read the sentences from the passage.

"People who don't know their past are winds blowing through the grass. Their lives leave no trace."

What does the word trace mean as it is used in the sentences?
A a path made by animals
B to find or track down
C to draw or outline something
D a mark left behind by someone
The following question has two parts. First answer part A. Then answer part B.

Part A: Why does Grandpa tell Black Elk to listen well?
A so Black elk will not be noisy like the other children
B so Black Elk can understand how his people used animals
C so Black Elk can one day be the teller of thier history
D so Black Elk will learn what will happen to the tribe
Part B: Which sentence from the passage best supports the answer in part A?
A "Horses help out people travel faster and carry heavier loads."
B "Some of the youngest children were not listening and were poking each other and giggling."
C "It makes me sad to thing about a future like that for our people."
D "ONe day, one of you will keep the winter count on a new buffalo hide."
How do Grandpa's actions help shapr Black Elk's character in the passage? Pick two choices.
A Grandpa asks questions that make Black Elk unsure.
B Grandpa looks serious, which forces Black Elk to keep silent.
C Grandpa explains an important need that makes Black Elk want to help.
D Grandpa tells stories that make Black Elk want to learn more about his history.
E Grandpa complains about the small teepee, which makes Black Elk concerned for him.
The following question has two parts. First, answer part A. Then, answer part B.

Part A: WHich best describes how Grandpa feels when Black Elk says he wants to be the keeper of the winter count?
A surprised because he does not think Black Elk is serious
B polite because eh wants to show respect to Black Elk
C proud because Black Elk wants to be a leader in the family
D worried because he does not think Black Elk was listening
Part B: Which detail from the last paragraph best supports the answer in Part A?
A "said Grandpa, smiling."
B "Listen well,"
C "and one day"
D "your turn may come."
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