Macbeth Essay: Intro & Conclusion Paragraphs
by Sean Bird
| 6 Questions
Note from the author:
This is part of a series (of 4) I put together to scaffold the writting process for my struggling writers. The prompt is stated at the top of each Formative in the series. This Formative is the final one in the series; having written all three body paragraphs, they now turn their attention toward the intro and conclusion paragraphs.
Prompt for Reference:
Considering the key soliloquies, write an essay that describes how the character of Macbeth qualifies as a tragic hero. Support your discussion with evidence from the given soliloquies, and be sure to explain how Macbeth's figure contributes to the tragic vision of the work as a whole.
Intro Paragraph
1. Why do you think tragic heroes are so interesting to so many people? What is their appeal, in a general sense? (Avoid saying they are 'not boring' or 'hold the reader's interest'. That doesn't address 'appeal'.)
2. Write a sentence or two describing how you believe Macbeth in particular is a tragic hero. Be sure to explain the feelings and thoughts Macbeth is designed to evoke in the reader--give a sense that Macbeth's tale is an important one for the reader to consider.
3. Copy/paste your answers from #1 & #2 above...this is a rough draft of your introductory paragraph! Boom. Just be sure you have a thesis sentence toward the end which clearly addresses the prompt above.
Conclusion Paragraph
4. Restate your thesis...differently this time--take into account what you’ve said about him overall. Overall, what kind of complicated feelings does the reader have about Macbeth?
5. What is the overall value of the character Macbeth? What vision or commentary on life is conveyed through his story? How do the characteristics of a Tragic Hero help convey this vision?
6. Copy/paste your answers from #4 & #5 above...this is a rough draft of your conclusion paragraph! Boom. Just be sure your conclusion feels related to something you've already addressed in at least one of your body paragraphs --this is not the place to bring up new ideas--it is a place to bring all of them to a thoughtful close.
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