Our Nearest Neighbor
by Erin Scagnelli
| 10 Questions
1 pt
What is the MOST important idea of the article?
Scientists think the Moon was once a part of Earth.
Moon's gravity is much less than the gravity on Earth.
The Moon is heavy and has gravity but no air or water.
The Moon is our closest neighbor, and it affects our life on Earth.
1 pt
Read this sentence from the article.
"It would not be a very comfortable place to live."
What is the root word of comfortable?
1 pt
Read this sentence from the article.
"The Moon actually affects many events on Earth."
The suffix -ly can mean "in a certain way." Which answer choice uses -ly in the same way as actually?
1 pt
Based on evidence from the text, which statement BEST supports the idea that the Moon affects us here on Earth?
The Moon is not a comfortable place to live.
The Moon's gravity is not as strong as gravity on Earth.
The Moon's gravity pulls on our oceans and causes the tides.
The Moon is about 239,000 miles (384,000 kilometers) away from Earth.
1 pt
Why can a person jump higher on the Moon on Earth?
There is no wind on the moon.
The Moon's gravity is stronger than Earth's.
The Moon's gravity pulls down less on a body.
The temperatures on the Moon are much colder.
1 pt
How did the author organize the section "How Does the Moon Affect Us?"
by comparing the Moon to the sun
by listing the effects the Moon has on Earth
by describing the problems the Moon has caused Earth
by explaining the order of events in which the Moon was formed
1 pt
Read this sentence from the article.
"Still, the Moon is our neighbor, and we want to know as much about it as we can."
Why does the author compare the Moon to a neighbor?
to show how close the Moon is to Earth
to show how the Moon and Earth are alike
to show how the Moon affects people in a town
to show how easy it would be to live on the Moon
1 pt
The illustration is important to the article because it shows
how far away the Moon is from Earth.
how Buzz Aldrin traveled to the Moon.
what the surface of the Moon looks like.
where the sun shines on the Moon's surface.
1 pt
What information can you find by using the chart?
how many footprints were left on the Moon
how many spacecrafts have landed on the Moon
how weights are different on Earth and on the Moon
how high a person can jump when standing on the Moon
1 pt
Which part of the article gives the BEST information about conditions on the Moon?
"Moon Facts"
"The Moon's Surface"
"How Was the Moon Formed?"
"How Does the Moon Affect Us?"
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