Ecology Quest Bronze Gauntlet
by Danica Kenjura
| 5 Questions
Note from the author:
5 questions over abiotic and biotic factors.
Which of the following describes an organism that demonstrates a behavioral adaptation to receive a benefit from a non-living component of its habitat?
Tree sloths spend most of their days high in the canopy of the rainforest trees to avoid predators
Remora fish swim near sharks and eat the food scraps which are left behind when sharks eat
Honeybees visit flower after flower, gathering nectar, which they turn into food.
Bearded dragons bask in the sunlight in order to warm up their bodies to the optimum temperature
Which of the following describes an interaction between a biotic factor and an abiotic factor?
A pair of birds build a nest in a tree
A black bear uses a cave for a winter home
A squirrel gathers nuts to store for winter
A vulture eats the remains of a wild pig
Meat-eating desert reptiles depend on which of the following biotic factors to supply their needs?
Daytime temperature ranges above 30 degrees Celsius
Condensation of moisture on plants for drinking water
Small animals in their habitat on which they feed
Plants that bear fruits during the summer months
Which of the following lists includes only abiotic factors?
Plants, animals, average daily temperature
Rainfall amounts, average daily temperature, minerals in soil
Minerals in soil, plants, rainfall amounts
Animals, rainfall amounts, soil composition
Which of the following describes a change to an abiotic factor of a squirrel’s habitat that could be harmful to it?
Increase in the population of food plants
Drought that depletes available water
Deforestation leading to reduced nesting sites
Increase in the population of local predators
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