Application of derivatives-Gr 12
by Thulasi Ajith
| 3 Questions
Note from the author:
1 pt
Find the maximum and the minimum values of (if any) of the function f(x)= 9x2 +12x +2
min=2, max=0
B min value=-2, no max value
C min-5, max=6
Dmin=0, max=1

1 pt
Find the absolute minimum values of f(x)= x3 -3x in closed interval (0,2)
A 2
B -2
1 pt
1. A stone is dropped into a quiet lake and waves move in a circle at a speed of 3.5cm/s. At the instant when the radius of the circular wave is 8cm, how fast is the enclosed area increasing?
a. 52.5 pi cm2/sec
B4.8pi cm/sec
C 6picm/sec
D7 pi cm/sec
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