Cell Reproduction part 1 Concept Review 2
by John Lundy
| 11 Questions
Note from the author:
A review assignment looking at the cell cycle and DNA
1 pt
A diploid cell has_______ the number of chromosomes
as a haploid cell.
a. one-fourth
b. half
c. twice
d. four times
1 pt
An organism’s traits are determined by the specific
combination of inherited _____.
a. cells.
b. genes.
c. proteins.
d. chromatids.
1 pt
The first level of DNA organization in a eukaryotic cell
is maintained by which molecule?

a. cohesin
b. condensin
c. chromatin
d. histone
1 pt
Identical copies of chromatin held together by cohesin
at the centromere are called _____.
a. histones.
b. nucleosomes..
c. chromatin.
d. sister chromatids
1 pt
Chromosomes are duplicated during what stage of the
cell cycle?
a. G1 phase
b. S phase
c. prophase
d. prometaphase
1 pt
Which of the following events does not occur during
some stages of interphase?
a. DNA duplication
b. organelle duplication
c. increase in cell size
d. separation of sister chromatids
1 pt
The mitotic spindles arise from which cell structure?
a. centromere
b. centrosome
c. kinetochore
d. cleavage furrow
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