Free Verse Poetry
by Carol Reinagel
| 8 Questions
Note from the author:
Free verse poetry and critical thinking open response questions.
The Hurricane
By: Pales Matos

When the hurricane unfolds
Its fierce accordion of winds,
On the tip of its toes,
Agile dancer, it sweeps whirling
Over the capreted surface of the sea
With the scattered branches of the palm.

1 pt
Where is the hurricane?
1 pt
How windy is it? How do you know?
1 pt
What does agile mean? What words can help you figure it out?
1 pt
What does the "carpeted surface of the sea" mean?
1 pt
How does the poet's comparison of the hurricane add to the feeling and imagery of the poem?
1 pt
How would you feel watching this hurricane unfold? Explain your answer.
1 pt
How was the hurricane in the poem different from one in real life that you have seen or heard about?
1 pt
In what other ways could you personify (give characteristics of humans) a hurricane?
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