Differentiation Station - OUM-Craven
by Peter Hess
| 6 Questions
Please access the section of the OUR-Math Course Guide titled "Supporting Students with Disabilities" Use this to answer the questions below.
3 pts
What 3 areas does the OUR-Math curriculum focus on to ensure that “all children can learn mathematics”?
3 pts
What 3 Principles “work together to make each activity in each lesson accessible to all students”?
2 pts
Which of the four “Design Elements for All Students” below do you feel will have the greatest impact on supporting the students with disabilities that you will have in your classroom?
Lesson Structures are Consistent
Concepts Develop from Concrete to Abstract
Individual to Pair or Small Group to Whole Class Progression
Opportunities to Apply Mathematics to Real-World Contexts
5 pts
Why did you select this design element in Question 3?
2 pts
Of the 7 categories of supports for students with disabilities, which do you feel could be most impactful in supporting students with disabilities in your classroom.
Eliminate Barriers
Processing Time
Peer Tutors
Assistive Technology
Visual Aids
Graphic Organizers
Brain Breaks
5 pts
For the support selected in Question 4, discuss what you will need in order to be able to implement that support.

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