Wonders Weekly Reading Practice Test Unit 1 Week 2
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by Maricela Gomez-Marquez
| 5 Questions
Note from the author:
Wonders Weekly Assessment Unit 1 Wk 2
Read the sentence from the passage. Katu needed a sturdy elephant to move the heavy logs to build his house. What does sturdy most likely mean in the sentence above ?
A friendly
B smart
C strong
D young
This question has two parts. First, answer part A. Then, answer part B. Part A: Read the sentences from the passage. The two men quickly scrambled out of the way. Katu was too afraid to move. What does scrambled mean?
A hurried
B searched
C skipped
D walked
Part B: Which word helps you understand what scrambled means?
A two
B quickly
C afraid
D move
What happens after Katu brags to the two men but before Lago runs into Katu's house?
A Lago holds Katu over the house.
B Katu promises to never brag again.
C Katu's house collapses into a heap of logs.
D Lago piles the heavy logs on top of each other to build the house.
Put the events of the passage in the correct order by numbering them from 1-5. Write the correct number infront of each event.
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