Phoenix Farm
by Kathleen Scarpato
| 8 Questions
Note from the author:
Phoenix Farm Literacy Questions
1 pt
1. (Figurative Language) What does this simile help you understand?

1 pt
2. (Character) Why might it be easier for the narrator to think of him as dead?

1 pt
3. (Theme) After reading the story, explain the importance of this line.

1 pt
4. (Inference) Why might the narrator not have complained during the drive?

1 pt
5. (Tone) Describe the narrator's attitude about the idea that a dragon might be hatching in her bedroom.

1 pt
6. (Setting) When might this story take place? Explain how this and other details help you figure it out.

1 pt
7. (Tone) What is the narrator's tone here? Explain.

1 pt
8. (Symbolism) Why might the author have given the narrator's dad the same scent as the magical bird?

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