Photosynthesis Part 1 Virtual Lab
by John Lundy
| 6 Questions
Note from the author:
A virtual lab looking at the factors impacting the rate of photosynthesis.
Make sure you are using Chrome then
Go to:
You will need to create a free login then go to
again and log in
Write a hypothesis about which of the variables in the lab will have the greatest impact on the rate of photosynthesis.

Create a data table for each of the 3 variables. Then perform the experiment for each variable combination. Record your data and paste your data table (or a picture of your data table) below. (time spans should be 3 mins for each trial, 3 turns of the clock). (16 possible combination 3 trials each)

1Pt) show distance for all light strengths and colors
1pt) show light strength for all distances and light colors
1pt) show each light color for each light strength and light distance.
1pt) 3 trials are done for each veriable
Graph your data

1pt) appropriate type of graph was chosen
1pt) graph reflects all data in the table above.
Write a conclusion and explain weather or not your findings supported or did not support your hypothesis.

1pt) data is referenced
1pt) graph/s is/are referenced
1pt) interpretation of results with respect to validating or invalidating a hypothesis.

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