Peloponnesian War
by Michelle Tabor
| 6 Questions
After the Persian Wars, . . .
Athens and Sparta became rivals for dominance in the Greek world.
Athens and Sparta joined together to defend against possible future Persian attacks.
Thebes and Corinth became rivals for dominance in the Greek world.
a major earthquake shook the entire Greek peninsula.
What "sparked" the Peloponnesian War?
An earthquake in Sparta
Athens directly interfering with Sparta's allies
Corinth and Thebes uniting to attack Athens
Pericles's Funeral Oration
Which of the following best describes the war strategy of Athens?
To meet the Spartans head on and destroy them in a ground battle
To lay siege to Sparta and eventually starve them out of their city
To remain inside the walls of their city and use their superior ships to win the war
To ally with Persia for support
In the end, _____ won the Peloponnesian war because _____.
Athens ... they had a superior land army
Sparta ... they traded land with Persia in exchange for money to build a navy
Persia ... they waited for Athens and Sparta to wear each other out and easily defeated both
Athens ... they allied with Corinth and Thebes to overpower Sparta
What happened to Pericles, the leader and popular general of Athens?
He was killed in battle and given a lavish funeral.
He died in the plague that struck Athens.
He escaped to Thebes.
He was killed by a poison arrow.
Which of the following is a reasonable broad conclusion to draw about the Peloponnesian war?
It showed the dominance and longevity (ability to last a long time) of both Sparta and Athens, reinforcing the dominance of the Greeks in the Mediterranean.
It inspired massive technological development in weapons, launching the Greeks into a new golden age of invention.
It weakened both Athens and Sparta, leaving the Greeks vulnerable to attack and conquest from outside empires.
It taught the Greeks that they were stronger when allied, creating a Greek empire that was no longer defined by separate city-states.
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