Library Lion Vocabulary Practice
by Brittany Jones
| 1 Question
Note from the author:
Here's a great activity to practice key vocabulary from the book Library Lion by Michelle Knedsen.
10 pts
Match the correct vocabulary word with the correct definition.
  • circulation
  • ignored
  • demanded
  • twitched
  • budge
  • striding
  • stern
  • encyclopedia
  • circulation
  • padded
  • the act of passing something from one person to another person
  • to walk quietly
  • walking quickly with very long steps
  • to forcefully state something must be done
  • very serious in an unfriendly way
  • to move slightly
  • a book that contains information about many different topics
  • late or not paid when expected to be
  • to act as if you didn’t hear or see something
  • to make a slight and sudden movement
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