Reviewing Systems
by Kyle Marks
| 10 Questions
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Yolanda has two dogs, Thor and Jack. Thor eats 30 lbs of food per month and dog treats that weigh a quarter of a pound each. Jack eats 25 lbs of food per month and dog treats that weigh a half a pound each.
How many treats must the dogs eat in order to eat the same amount in pounds per month? What is that amount of food? (Note: number 5 might be a helpful place to start with this problem)
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The product of two numbers of 48. The difference of those numbers is 2.
What are the two numbers? Define your variables. Write a system of equations.
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Order the list to show how you would solve this system of inequalities.
  1. connect your points with a dashed line
  2. plot a point at 9 on the y axis
  3. plot a point at -9 on the y axis
  4. use the slope 5/2 and continue to plot points going up five to the right two
  5. connect your points with a solid line
  6. use the slope -2 and continue to plot points going down two to the right one
  7. use a point like (0,0) to determine where to shade for each inequality
  8. shade the area where both shaded areas would overlap
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Solve the system of equations by graphing by hand. report your solution and check that your solution is correct.
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Define the variables in this question. (Note: this is expanding from question 1)
Let T be the number of treats Thor and Jack eat
Let T be the pounds of food that Thor eats
Let F be the total pounds of food and treats that Thor and Jack eat
Let J be the pounds of food that Jack eats
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Write the system of equations for this situation. Use capital letters for your variables and no spaces in the equations. use one space to separate the equations.
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In words explain the meaning of the solution.

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After watching the video, graph the system of inequalities on this graph.
10 pts
Match the statements to the correct inequality symbols.
  • less than
  • less than or equal to
  • greater than
  • greater than or equal to
  • not equal to
  • is smaller than
  • no more than
  • more than
  • at least
  • cannot equal
  • below
  • maximum
  • is larger than
  • no less than
  • is not the same
  • is under
  • at most
  • above
  • minimum
  • does not exceed
  • exceeds
  • <
  • >
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