Catching Fire Review
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by Kesar Young
| 12 Questions
Note from the author:
Catching Fire test
What happened when Katniss discovered that the fence was alive with electricity?
A she dugged down deep and was able to crawl underneath the fence
B Katniss ziplined across above the fence without being noticed
C She had to climb a tree and jump over it; she was injured in the fall
D she switched off the electricity and climb over the fence
What made the girls think the footage of District 13 was fake?
A they kept seeing the same deer in the same location
B the same mockingjay flew by everytime it was shown
C because they accidentally saw footage of District 13 when traveling on the train
D the District made a mistake and showed it duirng the time they played Hunger Games reruns
To whom did Katniss's mockingjay pin belong to before it was given to her?
A Haymitch
B Katniss's mom
C the Mayor of District 12
D it belonged to Madge's aunt, who died in the arena
What did Peeta, Katniss, and Haymitch all agree to do to prepare for the Games?
A they all decided to act like Careers and train as hard as they could.
B they all decided to escape District 12 with their loved ones
C they all decided to escape District 12 withou their loved ones
D they decided to start a rebellion in District 12, so the Games could be cancelled
What was special about the upcoming Quarter Quell?
A they would reap two males and two females from each district
B they would make all mentors and tributes fight to the death
C the tributes would be a female and/or make relative of a victor
D the male and female tributes would be reaped from the existing pool of victors
How did Katniss guess what districts were revolting?
A she could tell from the foods and goods that Octavia said they could no longer get in the Capitol
B she kept sneaking into the mayor's house and watching footage
C Bonnie and Twill told her
D Haymitch told her that other victors were reporting this
According to the Capitol, what was the purpose of the Quarter Quell? What was the Capitol trying to quell?
A it was a form of entertainment for the Capitol
B it was a reminder to the rebels that their children were dying in the Games because they had started the violence in the first revolt; the Capitol is trying to quell another rebellion
C they wanted to quell the people of district 3-12
D they wanted to kill Katniss because everyone in the Capitol and the districts hate her
What were the two girls doing in the woods?
A they were trying to meet up with Katniss and start a rebellion in District 12
B President Snow ordered them to kill Katniss and to cover it up
C they were running away from District 8 to live in District 13
D they were escaping to save their children from the reaping
Whom did the victors of District 12 decide to save this time?
A Katniss
B Hayitch
C Prim
D Peeta
What happened to the uprising in district 8?
A they quashed it and the living conditions got worse
B the District was not able to control it
C they punished Katniss for it by publicly whipping Gale in the square
D they killed Katniss's family and friends
How did Haymitch win his Games?
Explain why Katniss was shocked that the girls from District 8 were running to District 13?
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