Making Inference
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Making Inference
Everyone in England knew about Robin Hood. The king was mad! He did not want a thief to be a hero. He sent his men to Sherwood Forest to catch Robin Hood. But they could not catch him. Robin Hood outsmarted the king’s men every time!

On day, Robin Hood sent a message to the king. The message said, “Come with five brave men. We will see who is stronger.” The king decided to fool Robin Hood. He wanted to see if what people said about Robin Hood was true. The king dressed as a monk. A monk is a poor man who serves God. Then, he went to Sherwood Forest to see Robin Hood.
If the stories about Robin Hood were true, what happened when the king met Robin Hood?
A) Robin Hood robbed the king and took all his money.
B) Robin Hood helped the king because he thought he was a poor man.
Why didn't the king want Robin Hood to know who he was?
A) He was afraid of Robin Hood.
B) He wanted to find out what Robin Hood was really like.
Why couldn't the king's men find Robin Hood?
A) Robin Hood outsmarted them.
B) They didn't look in Sherwood Forest.
What kind of Rule of Making Inference has the story (Deduction, Abduction, Induction)? Why?
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