by Denise Davis
| 8 Questions
Note from the author:
The Empty Pot
1 pt
Which word below suggests how a character is feeling.
A Happy
B Boat
C Swim
D Paper
1 pt
When Mrs. Marconi jumped up and down with a big smile on her face, I coulld tell she was exited. She is showing her feelings to us.
1 pt
If I explain how a person in a story acts, looks, of feels I am describing which story element below?
A Plot
B Character
C Setting
D Problem
1 pt
If a story starts off by saying, "A long time ago in China...." it is describing which item below?
A Plot
B Character
C Setting
D Problem
1 pt
Which of the following is an event that could happen in a story?
A Chair
B Mrs. Davis
C Walking to school
D Horse
1 pt
In which order do you retell a story?
A Middle, End, Beginning
B End, Beginning, Middle
C Beginning, End, Middle
D Beginning, Middle, End
1 pt
What was the essential question or lesson in The Empty Pot?
A It is important to be first.
B It is important to study your sight words.
C It is important to be honest.
D You can cheat if it will help you win.
2 pts
Why is it important to be honest?
(1 point for capitalization, 1 point for punctuation, 1 point for a complete sentence}
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