by Sandra Schneiderman
| 17 Questions
Note from the author:
OPVL test on WW1 Propaganda
1 pt
Who else is targeted to "fall in?"
A Mothers
B Girls
C Neighbours
D Priests and Churchgoers
All of the above
4 pts
How did the artist/writer of this piece subtely use these people to send his message? (emotive responses) Give 2 reasons with examples from the text for your response
1 pt
The main point of this image is to...
A Join up with the army
B Learn a musical instrument
C Show your loyalty to your country by encouraging the young boys you know to sign up
D Fight for Germany
A and C
A and D
1 pt
This piece of work shows all aspects of the acronym M.A.I.N.
1 pt
Give one example of how do we see Militarism
2 pts
Can you name 2 countries with alliances to the nation represented in the image?
2 pts
In what ways has the artist shown that this soldier is part of an Empire? 1 examples
1 pt
Find an example of Nationalism written in the image
2 pts
How do we see gender role differences in this image? Give at least 2 examples
1 pt
Using examples in the image as evidence, what is the main purpose of this poster?
1 pt
What essential war job does this woman have and how does the image show this?
1 pt
How does the title and caption show that women are essential to the war effort?
2 pts
How does this poster reflect the reality of women and war work?
2 examples with explanations
3 pts
Give 3 reasons why rationing was introduced during WW1.
1 pt
Which country produced this ration card?
A France
B The U.S.A
C England
D Italy
1 pt
What information tells you this?
1 pt
Using primary sources as evidence.
Using your lesson notes and the primary sources above, write an informative piece (letter, diary entry, news report) that explains the reasons why one or more of the following home front initiatives were introduced and how the government used visual and written propaganda as a call to action.
Your response must show your opinion on this, to demonstrate your understanding of the impact these changes had on society on the home and fighting fronts during WW1.
Rationing /growing your own vegetables
Buying Liberty/War Bonds
Labour and jobs on the home front
150-200 words.

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