Food Trends yr 9
by Alexandria Ayoub
| 10 Questions
1 pt
Current food trends in Australia show that Australians lead busy lives but appreciate technology, the environment and good health. Provide 5 examples of current trends in food.
1 pt
Define the term 'organic food'.
1 pt
What methods do organic farmers rely on to produce crops?
A Growth regulators and hormones
B Artificial fertilisers
C Crop rotation and manure
D Pesticides and herbicides
1 pt
Genetically modified foods...
A Improve the nutritional value, appearance, shelf life and processing of the food product
B Are a popular alternative that promote weight loss
C Allow people who live busy lifestyles to consume fresh foods that require minimal preparation
D Promote optimal health and help reduce the risk of disease
1 pt
Why is the growing of genetically modified crops (except cotton and canola) banned in Australia?
1 pt
What are correct examples of convience foods?
A Mcdonalds and Hungry Jacks
B Shakes, bars and soups
C Bakery goods
D Pre-mixed salad bags and marinated chicken wings
1 pt
Identify three meal-replacement products available in the market?
1 pt
Define the term 'functional food'.
1 pt
Provide an example of a 'functional food' and outline the additional health benefit.
1 pt
Looking at the image above of the Flora Pro-activ margarine, identify what two functional features this food item provides to consumers?
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