Epic Heroes
by Melinda Hagy
| 4 Questions
1 pt
Give three textual examples from Harry Potter that shows characteristics of an epic hero.
1 pt
Identify which step in the epic cycle is contained in the following passage. “HAGRID: You're a wizard, Harry.
HARRY: I—I'm a what?
HAGRID: A wizard. And a thumping good one at that, I'd wager. Once you train up a little.
HARRY: No, you've made a mistake. I can't be...a-a wizard. I mean, I'm just... Harry. Just Harry.
HAGRID: Well, Just Harry, did you ever make anything happen? Anything you couldn't explain when you were angry or scared? Ah.”
1 pt
Name one other work we have read as a class or you have read on your own that contains characteristics of the epic hero.
1 pt
Name one other epic hero and explain why they are epic heroes.
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