M4:U2: Mid-Unit Assessment
by Ashton Boger _ Staff - WhiteOakES
| 9 Questions
Note from the author:
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Directions: Read Chapter 15 of The Hope Chest and
answer the questions below:

On page 180 it says, “Violet was being seen and
not heard.” This is like the proverb “A child should
be seen and not heard.” What do you think this
proverb means? (Remember that proverbs are often
old sayings that we might not agree with now.)
Check the correct answer. (L.4.5b)
A. Children should behave well and be quiet around adults.
B. Children should behave badly and talk loudly when they are with adults.
C. Adults should behave well and be quiet around children.
D. Adults and children should not talk to each other.
What does this proverb (Violet was being seen and not heard) tell you about Violet’s behavior in the dining room? (L.4.5b)
On page 181 it says, “There was something about the way they both said ‘Jew’ that made Violet’s skin crawl.”
What does this idiom tell you about how Violet felt?
Check the correct answer. (L.4.5b)
A. She was excited and happy.
B. She was frightened or disturbed.
C. She was confused.
D. She was very tired.
What does Miss. Pearson mean when she says, “He’s not for sale” (p. 182)? Check the correct
answer. (L.4.5a)
A. He isn’t buying or selling anything.
B. He is selling his house.
C. They can’t buy his vote for money.
D. He doesn’t want to sell his car.
Is this a simile or metaphor? How do you know?
What does Mrs. Catts mean when she says, “And now, at the scene of the final battle ...” (p.194)? Check the correct answer. (L.4.5a)
A. Mr. Martin, Chloe, and Mrs. Catts are about to fight in a war
B. The final scene of a play about a battle
C. The upcoming vote in Tennessee for women to be able to vote
D. The battle to stay in the hotel
Check the correct relative pronoun to complete the sentence below. (L.4.1a)
The old woman __________________ Violet met on the veranda was Mrs. Catts.
A. who
B. whose
C. whom
D. which
E. that
Write the correct relative adverb (where, when, why) in the sentence below. (L.4.1a)

The Hermitage was the hotel ____________________ Violet found Chloe dancing with Harry T. Burn.
A. where
B. when
C. why
Choose one of the themes in this chapter (inequality
is injustice, stand up for what is right, do something
meaningful). Write a summary of the part of Chapter
15 in which you describe the theme. Be sure to use
supporting details and provide a brief overview of
what happened in that part of the chapter. (RL.4.1,

If you find it helpful, you may create a graphic
organizer to organize your thinking. Your graphic
organizer will not be assessed:

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