Book Slide Increasing Force Lab
by Joe Marquez
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Note from the author:
Force = Mass x Acceleration Lab
Annotated Digital Jigsaw (ADJ)
Table leaders will equally assign sections of the text below (1-min). Each member of your group will then read and annotate their section of the text in silent mode (3-min). Readers must make notes (text tool) and underline content to help them restate the main information during their share time. After the 3-min bell, each member will take turns sharing the content with the other group members (1-min share time each student). (7-min total
(4) of the same type of book, Newton scale, string to pull books, smooth & clutter free table top, calculator.
(Each line on the Newton scale) = .5 Newtons

Create a testable question that can be answered using the materials & equipment provided.
Keep in mind the lab name/topic, current vocabulary, background info & video example to help create your question.
What is your Hypothesis? (If/Then statement)
1) Place a loop of string inside a textbook (inside the cover) and hook a Newton scale to the string.
2) Pull the book across the table with a smooth steady pulling motion.
3) In the middle of the (constant speed) pulling motion read the force on the Newton scale. Record force in data table
4) Repeat test for a total of 3 trials. Calculate the Average pulling force (T1 + T2 + T3 รท 3).
5) Repeat steps 2, 3, & 4 with 2 books, then 3 books, then 4 books (stack books).
6) the video example above
What are your results? Write your data below, then restate your data (calculations) in words.
What is your conclusion?
Your conclusion must include:
1) A restatement of the question.
2) The answer to the question.
3) State whether your hypothesis was correct or incorrect.
4) Use data collected during the lab to backup your answer and hypothesis.
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