Electromagnetic Spectrum
by Sonni Shupe
| 6 Questions
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The following are characteristics of a type of wave:
*travels through glass and water
*travels in a direction perpendicular to the direction of the vibration of the waves
*travels through empty space when there is no medium available
*bounces off of many types of materials

Which of the following best explains what type of wave this is?
Electromagnetic because it can travel through empty space
Mechanical because there is no medium needed
Electromagnetic because it is a sound wave
Mechanical because it is a transverse wave.
1 pt
If high frequency electromagnetic waves can carry more information than lower frequency electromagnetic waves and you had to design a system to carry this information, which electromagnetic waves carry the most information.

1 pt
Wireless computer networks use low energy electromagnetic waves to carry digitized information to different components in the network. Lower frequency electromagnetic waves have lower energy.

What type of electromagnetic wave would most likely be used in a wireless computer network?

1 pt
Which is true of all waves?
they all carry matter
they all destroy energy
they all carry energy
they all destroy matter
1 pt
A rainbow appears in the sky when sunlight is refracted to show the colors of the light spectrum. The colors within the spectrum are:
always the same, but in a different order
always the same, but in the same order
completely random, and in no particular order
all primary colors, and in the same order

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Question #5's answer: Why?
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