South Africa During Apartheid
by Mohamed Oueslati
| 4 Questions
What is Apartheid?
An other name of the White ethnic group in South Africa.
The former official South African policy of separating people according to race.
The official name of the schools where black south african go to.
The name of the major disease in South Africa during apartheid.

What is a multiratial society?
It is a society that is made up of different religous sects.
It is an aging society.
It is a homogenious society in South Africa.
It a society made up of people from several ethnic groups
What is distribution?
It is the way people or things are spread out over an area or space. It is also the way resources, power, or goods are divided among people or groups.
It is the separation of one group of people from another, such as by race
It is the way ethnic groups protect themselves.
It is the way water is used worldwide.
What is cash Crops?
A crop that is grown to be consumed by the farmers and their families rather than to be sold.
A crop to be grown for medical purposes.
A crop that is grown to be sold rather than to be consumed by the farmers and their families.
A crop to be grown to reduce deforestation.
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