Cell Reproduction part 2 Concept Review 2
by John Lundy
| 13 Questions
Note from the author:
A review assignment looking at Mitosis controlee mechanisms
Figure 10.13 Rb halts the cell cycle and releases its hold in response to cell growth.
Figure 10.14 The role of normal p53 is to monitor DNA and the supply of oxygen (hypoxia is a condition of reduced
oxygen supply). If damage is detected, p53 triggers repair mechanisms. If repairs are unsuccessful, p53 signals
apoptosis. A cell with an abnormal p53 protein cannot repair damaged DNA and thus cannot signal apoptosis.
Cells with abnormal p53 can become cancerous. (credit: modification of work by Thierry Soussi)
16. At which of the cell cycle checkpoints do external
forces have the greatest influence?
a. G1 checkpoint
b. G2 checkpoint
c. M checkpoint
d. G0 checkpoint
What is the main prerequisite for clearance at the G2
a. cell has reached a sufficient size
b. an adequate stockpile of nucleotides
c. accurate and complete DNA replication
d. proper attachment of mitotic spindle fibers to
If the M checkpoint is not cleared, what stage of
mitosis will be blocked?
a. prophase
b. prometaphase
c. metaphase
d. anaphase
Which protein is a positive regulator that
phosphorylates other proteins when activated?
a. p53
b. retinoblastoma protein (Rb)
c. cyclin
d. cyclin-dependent kinase (Cdk)
Many of the negative regulator proteins of the cell
cycle were discovered in what type of cells?
a. gametes
b. cells in G0
c. cancer cells
d. stem cells
___________ are changes to the order of nucleotides
in a segment of DNA that codes for a protein.
a. Proto-oncogenes
b. Tumor suppressor genes
c. Gene mutations
d. Negative regulators
A mutated gene that codes for an altered version of
Cdk that is active in the absence of cyclin is a(n) _____.
a. kinase inhibitor.
b. tumor suppressor gene.
c. proto-oncogene.
d. oncogene.
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