Lab Safety Quiz
by Shelby Buchanan
| 15 Questions
Note from the author:
Biology Safety Test
1 pt
The best shoes to wear on lab days are _______________________________
high heels
close-toed shoes
no shoes
1 pt
To avoid contamination of objects or food later at lunch,__________ before leaving the bio lab.
Wipe hands with paper towels
Wash hands with soap and water
Warm hands over the bunsen burners to kill germs
Spray hands with acetone
1 pt
In the image above, list three things that violate lab safety procedures. Be sure to specify which person (letter) you are talking about.

1 pt
When using hazardous liquids, solids or gases in lab, you must wear:
approved safety goggles
prescription eyeglasses
3D movie glasses
1 pt
When using scalpels or sharp scissors, carry them:
with tips pointing down and away
high in the air so all can see them
wrapped in foil
with tips pointing up and toward you
1 pt
Broken glassware like a broken or cracked test tube should be:
any trash can
put in a special cardboard container
stuffed in a lab cabinet
special metal container for hazmat
1 pt
If glassware breaks, use _________ to pick it up.
your fingers
a broom, dustpan or tongs
a toothbrush
gloved hands
1 pt
Long hair in the laboratory must be
cut short
held away from the experiment with one hand
always neatly groomed
tied back or kept entirely out of the way with a hairband, hairpins, or other confining device
1 pt
Report any accident, spill, breakage or injury to:
teacher immediately
nurse if someone gets hurt and then go to the teacher
principal immediately
teacher after you fix the accident
1 pt
You should prepare for each lab activity by reading all instructions
after school
while you are working
next week
before beginning the lab
1 pt
Someone catches themself on fire. What should be done?
You should grab the fire extinguisher and put out the fire
You should push them down and yell roll
You should grab the fire blanket and cover the area of their body that is on fire
You should grab the closest liquid and pour it on them
1 pt
You get a dangerous chemical in your eye, what do you do?
Use the chemical shower
Use the eyewash station for 60 seconds
Use the eyewash station for 5 minutes
Use the eyewash station for 15 minutes, rolling eyeballs in every direction
1 pt
Which is true about Goggle use?
You do not need to wear goggles if you wear glasses
You can put the goggles around your neck or forehead if you are not the one performing the experiment
You must wear goggles any time we work with specimens, chemicals, or heat
Not wearing your goggles has no consequences
1 pt
If you don't understand the directions or part of a lab procedure, you should
as the teacher before you start
try several methods until something works
figure it out as you do the lab
skip it and go to the next part
1 pt
When smelling a liquid you should
use a fan
pour it on the table
inhale deeply
waft it toward you
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