Understanding Memoirs 1.04
by Lisa Malkiewicz
| 2 Questions
Note from the author:
k*12 NCVA memoir Barrio Boy
3 pts
Put the events of Barrio Boy in order.
  1. Ms. Ryan helps them feel safe and a classmate conquers a sentence.
  2. Ernesto leaves his small Mexican Village and enters an American School (Lincoln School) in first grade not knowing any English.
  3. Ernesto and his mother meet the principal and he is taken to his first class feeling nervous.
  4. Ernesto makes friends and learns to be proud of his ethnicity.
  5. Ernesto receives private lessons from Miss Ryan and starts to enjoy learning English.
  6. Ernesto graduates with honors from first grade.
3 pts
Draw a line from the part of the plot pyramid to the events in Barrio Boy that match. (Use the sequencing activity above to help you if you are struggling.)
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