Key Details in a Text
by Sonya Crone
| 6 Questions
Note from the author:
Standard 2-1
Please watch the video and answer the following questions....:)
1 pt
Who is the cartoon about?
Olaf the Snowman
Sven the Reindeer
Both Olaf and Sven
None of the above
1 pt
What is the cartoon about?
Olaf sneezing his nose off and Sven giving his nose back to him
Smelling flowers
The movie Frozen
1 pt
Please draw and then write where the cartoon takes place.
1 pt
The cartoon takes place in the future? (When does story take place?)
1 pt
Why is Olaf trying to get his nose back in the beginning of the cartoon?
Olaf wants to be able to smell again
Olaf is afraid he lost his nose
Olaf thinks that Sven is going to eat his nose
None of the above
1 pt
How does Olaf's nose fall off?
Sven the Reindeer tries to eat it
Olaf sneezes
Olaf never had a nose
None of the above
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