St. Patrick's Day
by Brittny Podrabsky
| 3 Questions
What is St. Patrick's Day? Why do we celebrate this holiday? Go through these activities to find out!

Read the article below to find out more about St. Patrick's Day.

Click HERE to go to the article!

After you read the article, draw a picture that shows one new thing you learned about St. Patrick's Day from the article.
Follow along and listen to this book about St. Patrick's Day.
Go back and watch and listen to the book again. This time, listen to find the answers to the following questions:
Why do we wear green on St. Patrick's Day?
Why do we celebrate St. Patrick's Day on March 17th?
Read about Leprechauns:

Luck o' the Leprechaun

The St. Patrick's Day leprechaun is an Irish fairy. Most fairies are delicate and pretty, but this one sure isn't! He looks like an old man and stands at around two feet tall. Dressed in head-to-toe green, he has a pair of pointy ears and carries a big stick called a shillelagh, which he uses to scare anyone who tries to steal his gold. He prefers to be alone and spends his time either making shoes or searching for gold.
This leprechaun is one lucky guy. How else would you explain the fact that he finds the pot of gold at the end of every rainbow? With that much gold, he can travel around the world as many times as he wants, or buy anything his heart desires - and still have lots of dough left over.
The St. Paddy's Day leprechaun isn't the best-looking guy around. He's old, wrinkly, short and a little green - literally. On top of all that, he's cursed! If you catch sight of him and keep your eyes locked, he can't escape from your clutches. You can even force him to reveal the secret location of his precious pots of gold and he'll have no choice but to spill the beans! But this sneaky leprechaun has a lot of tricks up his sleeve to make you look away just long enough for him to vanish, so you'll never know the whereabouts of his hidden treasure.
Select ALL the ADJECTIVES the articles uses the describe a leprechaun. You will select more than one answer.
Draw your own leprechaun! Watch this Art Hub for Kids video to learn how to draw your own leprechaun! Give him a background, like his pot of gold, where he lives, and what he is doing!

If you finish your drawing and have time, go to Epic! and read the St. Patrick's Day collection I have shared with you!
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