Vietnam War
by Rebecca Kirchman
| 8 Questions
Note from the author:
Vietnam War pre-assessment
1 pt
The Vietnam War was part of what struggle?
A. War against China for economic domination in the market economy.
B. Cold War struggle against spread of communism in SouthEast Asia.
C. Civil Rights struggle for Vietnamese human rights.
1 pt
The Vietnam War became very debated and divisive among Americans by its' end- what were some reasons why?
A. Americans were tired of the casualty numbers of dead/wounded soldiers.
B. Americans stopped trusting the government reports about what was happening in Vietnam.
C. Americans felt the war was not an American issue but a Vietnamese issue.
D. Americans felt that the poor and minority men were having to serve more/unfair representation.
1 pt
What about the vegetation/climate of Vietnam (see picture above) might have made fighting difficult for U.S. soldiers?
1 pt
Looking at the picture above of the American women with the National Guard soldiers, explain how this might be related to the Vietnam war.
1 pt
During the Vietnam war, if you were a "hawk" this meant...
A. You were against the war.
B. You supported the war.
C. You didn't care about the war.
1 pt
Explain how you would define PTSD and how it would affect veteran soldiers from the Vietnam War.
1 pt
Above is Muhammad Ali, famous for
A. His boxing
B. His conscientious objector status
C. His cooking
1 pt
What is Agent Orange ?
A. A person who secretly records what the enemy is doing.
B. A chemical used to get rid of the jungle plants, later causing cancer to those who touched it.
C. A game involving music, two chickens that someone tries to catch and a piece of cake as a prize.
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