Dimensional Analysis - Lab
by David Kwan
| 8 Questions
Note from the author:
This Formative is by: Peter Weise

Dimensional Analysis, Chemistry
Students begin practicing as lab groups with dimensional analysis. Students gather data and use the information to see how dimensional analysis works and how problems are set up.

Materials per group: meter stick, tootsie rolls, stopwatch, marked out 10 m area.
Choose a different group member to perform each of the following tasks. Everyone should help and perform the calculations in their own Formative. They are set up for you, just plug in the conversion factors including the one you figure out.
1 pt
Using a meter stick measure your standing vertical jump in cm.
(Note: __________ cm = 1 jump)
1 pt
Now convert to determine how many vertical jumps would it take for you to “jump” 1 kilometer.
Start with 1km, then convert to your jumps….
(Note: 100 cm = 1 m 1000 m = 1 km _____cm = 1 jump)
1 pt
Calculate how long it takes you to walk 10 meters in seconds.
(Note: 10 m = _____ s)
1 pt
How many hours would it take you to walk to visit Mr. Weise’s University? (From Crossroads to Michigan State Uiversity nonstop is 68.8 miles).
(Note: 1000 m = 1 km; 1 miles = 1.609 kilometers; 60 second = 1 min; 60 min = 1 hour)
1 pt
Find the mass of a tootsie roll in grams.
1 pt
Record the time it takes to chew one tootsie roll until it is gone in seconds.
1 pt
Record the grams chewed per second ( ____ g/s)
1 pt
How many minutes would it take you to eat 1 Kg of Tootsie Rolls? (one piece at a time).
(Note: 1000g = 1 kg; 60 s = 1 min; 60 min = 1 hour)
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