Johnny Tremain Video Quiz
by Cathy Ellis
| 13 Questions
1 pt
What is the setting of the story?
A Boston, Massachusetts
B Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
C Jamestown, Virginia
D Charleston, South Carolina
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What was Johnny's job before he got injured?
A He was lazy and didn't have a job.
B He worked in his mom's jewelry shop.
C He was an apprentice to a silversmith.
D He ran his own printing business.
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Why was Johnny Tremain arrested and put in jail?
A Mr. Lyte was assaulted by Johnny as he was robbing him.
B Johnny Tremain was accused of stealing a silver cup.
C Paul Revere accused him of being a horse thief.
D Priscilla accused him of stealing her locket.
1 pt
What was the outcome of the trial?
A Johnny was found guilty and sentenced to 20 years in prison.
B Johnny's case did not even go to trial.
C Johnny ran away and was never found.
D The judge decided he was not guilty because there was no proof that the cup wasn´t his.
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Who planned and participated in the Boston Tea Party?
A The Mojave Indians
B The British Redcoats
C The Boston Loyalists
D The Sons of Liberty
1 pt
Where did the Revolutionary War begin?
A 5 miles from Lexington, Oklahoma
B near Lexington, Massachusetts
C Lexington, Louisiana
D Lexington Green in England
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During a meeting of the Sons of Liberty, Mr. Otis asked the serious question, "Why do we fight?" He said the answer was, "For the God-given ______________ of all men.
A talents
B riches
C Christianity
D rights
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Johnny Tremain was a Patriot and joined the Sons of Liberty.
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Name a reason that Paul Revere became famous.
A He was a talented silversmith and was admired for his quality work.
B He made an engraved picture of the Boston Massacre, called "The Bloody Massacre".
C He rode a horse during the night to warn people that the Redcoats were coming to steal the colonists' weapons.
D All of the above.
1 pt
Everyone knew that Paul Revere fired the first shot that started the Revolutionary War.
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Choose the names of the characters in "Johnny Tremain" who are Loyalists.
A Johnny Tremain, Rab, Samuel Adams and Priscilla
B Sons of Liberty, Redcoats, and General Howe
C Mr. Lyte, Redcoats
D Mr. Lyte, Redcoats, Samuel Adams
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Which of the following events happened first?
A Boston Tea Party
B Boston Massacre
C Starving Time at Jamestown
D Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock
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