AP Reading Quiz Ch. 2
by Sherri Hill
| 2 Questions
Note from the author:
AP Reading Quiz 2
" [This colony] was for the most part of the first peopled by persons of low circumstances...Nor was it hardly possible it should be otherwise; for 'tis not likely that any man of a plentiful estate should voluntarily abandon a happy certainty to roam after imaginary advantages in a New World. Besides which uncertainty, must have propsed to himself to encounter the infinite difficulties and dangers that attend a new settlement. These discouragements were sufficient to terrify any man that could live easy in England from goint to provoke his fortune in a strange land."

-Robert Beverly, historian, The History of the Present State of Virginia, 1705

Using this excerpt, answer a and b.

a) Briefly explain the main point of the passage.
b) Briefly explain BOTH whether you agree with the main point AND why you do or do not. Provide evidence from your knowledge of colonial history.
Answer a, b, and c.

a) Briefly explain which of William Penn's three pruropses for his "Holy Experiment" in Pennsylvania-religious toleration, government based on liberal ideas, and personal profit-were not found in any other original colonies.
b) Briefly explain which of Penn's three purposes would prove to be the most difficult for him to fulfill.
c) Briefly explain how one of the other 13 original colonies came close to Penn's purpose of religious toleration
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