Constitution STAAR review.
by Kevin Gilbert
| 10 Questions
Virginia Plan + New Jersey Plan =.......
A Direct democracy
B Great Compromise
C Checks and balances
D Missouri Compromise

Due Process of Law= Guarantee of a speedy trial, Freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, ?
Which right best completes the question mark
A The right to bear arms
B Freedom to speak without fear of punishment
C Protection from cruel and unusual punishment
D Freedom of the press to report on court proceedings
When citizens report for jury duty, they are helping uphold a constitutional right guaranteed
by the —
A First Amendment
B Second Amendment
C Sixth Amendment
D Ninth Amendment

Patrick Henry opposed ratifying the U.S. Constitution because he believed that under it —
A the states would surrender too much power to the federal government
B alliances could not be formed with other countries
C the courts would not be able to hold government officials accountable
D individuals would exercise too much power over the federal government
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it
to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

—Tenth Amendment, U.S. Constitution

Which principle of U.S. government is most clearly reflected in the amendment above?

A Checks and balances
B Federalism
C Separation of powers
D Due process

Which precedent was established by the Supreme Court ruling in Marbury v. Madison?
A The federal government has the power to regulate trade among the states.
B State governments lack the authority to regulate federal bureaus.
C Federal courts determine the constitutionality of a law.
D State courts lack the authority to hear cases challenging federal law.
BERWYN, Pennsylvania: A new mosque recently opened in this . . . suburb of
Philadelphia. . . .
[The] leaders . . . did not seek publicity for the happy occasion, only continued peace
with their neighbors: a Jewish synagogue next door and Baptist church across the street.
—Kathy Matheson, Associated Press, September 10, 2010

This event best demonstrates which feature of the American way of life?
A The First Amendment guarantees personal freedoms.
B The Declaration of Independence asserts the principle of popular sovereignty.
C The U.S. Constitution establishes the structure of the federal government.
D The Fifth Amendment protects the rights of the accused.
In 1787 the United States was at a crossroads. Farmers in western Massachusetts had
rebelled the year before over property taxes. The state struggled to end the rebellion. Events
such as this one contributed to the decision to —
A sign the Treaty of Paris
B repeal the Intolerable Acts
C declare an embargo on imported goods
D restructure the federal government
George Mason refused to sign the Constitution and opposed its ratification because he
believed that it
A did not adequately protect individuals from potential government abuse
B did not give the executive branch enough power to oversee the military
C prevented the legislative branch from effectively governing the states
D prevented the judicial branch from using judicial review to overturn acts of the
The first political parties in the United States were established in the 1790s largely because of
political differences between —
A John Adams and Benjamin Franklin
B Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Paine
C George Washington and James Madison
D Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton
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