EL Practice Test Unit 1 - 5th Grade
by Cynthia Corrales-Diaz
| 5 Questions
Part II: Short Response Questions: Esperanza Rising. You will need a copy of Esperanza Rising to answer the
questions below.

Exposition - Beginning of the story describing how things are before the action begins
Rising Action - Series of conflicts and crises in the story that build toward the climax
Climax - The turning point, when something important happens that changes the direction of the story
Falling Action - The action that happens after the climax and starts to guide the story toward the resolution
Resolution - Tying everything together
Explain how Chapter 5, “Los Melones,” fits into the overall structure of Esperanza Rising. Use the informa-
tion above as a resource to complete the table. (RL.5.5)

Reread pages 82-84. What are some obstacles Esperanza and her family have at the border? Why were some people turned away? Cite specific details from the text. Include at least one quotation from the text to support your thinking.

During “Los Melones,” How does Esperanza try to reconnect with the memory of Papa during this chapter? What happens? Cite specific examples from the text. Include at least one quotation from the text to support your thinking.

Break-up the word geology into a root word and suf-fix. Determine the meaning of each part of the word. You can use the Affix List.
What is the meaning of geology?
A The study of the stars.
B The study of human rights.
C The study of earth.
D The study of fish
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