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Cycle 1 Assessment ELA 7
by Ashley Ryan
| 22 Questions
Note from the author:
CMS Cycle 1 Interim Assessment 7th grade 2018-2019
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1 pt
Based on paragraph 2, what inference can you make about Rudi?
A He wishes Winter and Saxo were able to help him climb.
B He wishes Winter and Saxo were able to help him climb.
C He climbs with great speed and strength.
D He is careless, extremely tired, and wants to rest.
1 pt
What is the effect of the simile in paragraph 6?
A It helps to create a sense of loneliness and uncertainty.
B It creates a mysterious scene.
C It makes the reader feel the climb will be easily accomplished.
D It helps to create a better understanding of why Rudi is doing this.
1 pt
Based on paragraph 5, which of the following provides a contrast to Rudi’s feelings about climbing the mountain?
A his companionship with friends
B his longing for his mother and his uncle
C his desire to leave his village
D his disdain for his job at the Beau Site Hotel
1 pt
Based on paragraph 1, the speck is most likely which of the following?
A rock
B person
C chamois
D snow drift
1 pt
What is the meaning of drifts as used in the paragraph 6?
A a direction of the mountain
B the way the main character wanders
C large piles of snow
D sliding around a corner like a car
1 pt
What does the author mean by saying that “the cliff had opened and swallowed it”?
A The chamois died on the rocks.
B The chamois was eaten by the cliff.
C The chamois wasn’t real.
The chamois disappeared.
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1 pt
Which line from the selection best represents Rudi’s greatest fear on the mountain?
A “The drifts were huge, billowing, dazzling in the sunlight; but he knew that they had frozen overnight and that the sun was not yet strong enough to dislodge them.”
B “...and kept as close as possible to the bordering rock-wall, so that he would have something to cling to, just in case.”
C “He felt it rather than saw it: the merest flicker or shadow, not on the slope, but on the cliff high above.”
D “...without food or a tent, there was no chance on earth of his reaching the top of the Citadel.”
1 pt
How is Rudi affected by the setting of the selection?
A The cliff allows Rudi the chance to reflect on his life in the village below
B The white snow represents the peace Rudi has longed for
C The peaceful mountain top provides Rudi with clarity for his future
D The rugged mountain slope gives Rudi the challenge he needs
1 pt
Which quote from the selection supports the theme?
A “In all that spreading wilderness there was no movement except that of his own two legs plodding slowly on through the drifts.”
B “Before descending to the village; to his uncle's anger, his mother's tears, Klaus Wesselhoft's laughter; to the soap and mops and dishpans of the Beau Site Hotel.”
C “The need of his body, his mind, his heart, to come at last to the place of which he had dreamed so long”
D “For an instant it stood outlined on a crag, motionless, staring down at him; and Rudi, motionless too, stared back.”
1 pt
Which example of figurative language from the text best characterizes the overall setting of the selection?
A “The seracs slid past like tall hooded ghosts.”
B “The drifts were huge, billowing, dazzling in the sunlight”
C “It was as if the cliff had opened and swallowed it.”
“And the stillness closed in again, even more absolute than before.”
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1 pt
Which of the following is the closest in meaning to the word crevasse as used in the selection?
A hole
B cavity
C abyss
D chasm
1 pt
Why does Laurie turn off the radio at the beginning of the excerpt?
A He dislikes Bill's authoritative tone.
B He wishes Bill was with him at Base Camp to prepare for the climb.
C He would rather talk to Bill in person instead of over radio.
D He is determined to make the climb despite his orders.
1 pt
What is the effect does the author saying “Thwack! My Ice pick bit into the ice on the lip” have on paragraph 5?
A It creates dramatic irony.
B It builds suspense.
C It adds humor to the situation.
D It foreshadows Laurie’s failure.
1 pt
Based on the second sentence of paragraph 4, what does the phrase admit defeat suggest?
A He needs to try harder.
B He has been beaten by a much faster climber.
C He needs to continue moving forward.
D He needs to quit and return to Base Camp.
1 pt
What is the meaning of anchor in paragraph 5?
A a device to make things stable
B a heavy object used to weigh something down
C an object used to fix a ladder
D an device to measure the wind
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1 pt
How does Laurie’s leap across the crevasse foreshadow the selection’s conclusion?
A Laurie realizes that he will have to explain his actions to Bill.
B Laurie learns that following orders is important in extreme conditions.
C Laurie decides it is safer at Base Camp.
D Laurie recognizes the importance of trying the impossible.
1 pt
Based on the selection, what can be inferred about the relationship between Laurie and Bill?
A Laurie is responsible for bringing Bill supplies.
B Bill dislikes Laurie’s leadership at Base Camp.
C Bill is Laurie’s supervisor.
D Laurie is trying to prove himself to Bill.
1 pt
Which of the following is the best summary of the selection?
A Laurie disobeys orders, and climbs up to Bill anyway.
B Laurie is told to stay at base camp, but refuses only to return after failure.
C Laurie decides to obey his orders and for Bill to radio when it is safe to climb.
D Laurie is told to stay at base camp, but refuses and makes a daring leap.
1 pt
What inference can be made about Laurie from "To the Top of Everest"?
A He thinks that mountain climbing is a rewarding experience.
B He thinks that Mt. Everest is the hardest mountain to climb.
C He wishes she had company while mountain climbing.
D He respects the wishes of family members and friends.
1 pt
Which quote best reflects the central idea from To the Top of Everest?
A “At first, the climb wasn’t too bad-I’d done it many times before, and with a heavier pack.”
B “I had to admit defeat.”
C “I couldn’t leave without trying, so back I went.”
D “I figured I had a fifty-fifty chance of making it across.”
Based on the information in both selections, you can make the inference that mountain climbers are determined. Provide two details from each excerpt to support this inference and explain how they support the inference.

Worth at most 3 points, but will be graded later.

90%-100%=3 points
80%-89%=2 points
70%-79%=1 points
69% or lower=0 points
Using in Banner in the Sky and To the Top of Everest, respond to the following prompt: For mountain climbers the thrill and accomplishment is worth the risk. Support your claim with two reasons from each excerpt using details from the texts with accompanying support and elaboration.
Worth at most 3 points, but will be graded later.

90%-100%=3 points
80%-89%=2 points
70%-79%=1 points
69% or lower=0 points
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