by Melissa Sheppard
| 8 Questions
Note from the author:
EOG Test Review
1 pt
How does endeavored affect the meaning of paragraph 6?
A It explains that Liam's mother struggled to assist him.
B It explains that Liam was afraid to make a decision.
C It shows that Liam became excited about decisions.
D It shows that Liam's mother lacked the desire to help.
1 pt
What does the author mean by saying the old woman "tried to hobble up a narrow path"?
A The old woman was walking carefully.
B The old woman was enjoying walking.
C The old woman was walking briskly.
D The old woman was having difficulty walking.
1 pt
What did the fair queen do that Liam's paraents failed to do?
A She gave Liam love, care, and affection.
B She gave Liam the best way to make a decision.
C She asked Liam about the reasons for his choices.
D She offered to take Liam to the Galway fair.
1 pt
Why did Liam choose to sit beside Kieran at school?
A He wanted to please his teacher.
B He wanted to please his parents.
C He was afraid of Kieran.
D He felt sorry for Kieran.
1 pt
What is the effect of the simile in paragraph 25?
A To show how surprised LIam was to see fairy queen
B To describe the speed of the old woman's movements
C To explain how much the fairy queen like Liam's choices
D To illustrate that LIam was confused by the old woman
1 pt
What is the meaning of cringed in paragraph 30?
A raised eyebrows questioningly
B moved forward confidently
C hunched shoulders anxiously
D laughed jokingly
1 pt
In paragraph 31, to what is the fairy queen referring?
A Liam's cheerful personality
B Liam's ability to make choices
C the fairy queen's magical power
D the fairy queen's good sense
1 pt
In the selection, how does the town's view of Liam change from the beginning to the end?
A The townspeople worship him and then diwown Liam when they find out he is dishonest.
B The townspeople despise him and then regret how they treated Liam when he becomes famous.
C The townspeople mock him and then realize Liam is the one who makes the wisest decisions.
D The townspeople pity him and then betray Liam when they realize he helped a stranger.
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