Unit 5 Lab
by John Lundy
| 7 Questions
Note from the author:
A Lab investigation exploring human heredity and
With your Lab Partner, Create a Table that shows your Gender, Genotype and Phenotype for the traits listed above. Past a picture of your table below.
Parent Genotype Phenotype
Name XY Male
Name RR Round Face
Open this Link in another Widnow:
Using the coin Flip tool, flip to determine which allele is recived by your child from each of the parents (you and your lab partner).
Father: XY (Left Heads, Right Tails) "Tails" X to child from father
Mother XX (Left Heads, Right Tails) "Heads" x to child from mother
Child gender is XX Female.
Use the Data you have collected to draw your child. Take a picture of your drawing and upload it here.
I genetic illness has been found to travel in some of your relatives so you need to create a pedigree for generations to come so they know how likely it is that their children will have the disorder.
Use the coin flip tool to determine if each of you (you and your lab partner) are carries Ss or have the disease ss
After you have determined your disease status, use the coin flip as before to determine the genotype of your child.
Next, find another lab group who has a gender compatible child for you child to fall in love with.
Use this Dice roll tool to determine how many children they will have
The dice role should be set to 1 dice with 6 sides
Next, use the disease genotype to determine the genotypes of each of your grandchildren.
Next, use the dice role tool and limit the “sides” to the number of grandchildren you have to decide which grand child will fall in love.
Find one more lab group with a child of the appropriate gender and repeate the process of determining how many children they have and what genotypes each child has.
Make a Data Table to collect all of the information about the disease and paste it below.
Use the information you collected about yourselves, your grandchildren and your great grandchildren to draw a pedigree for the disease your family carries. Paste a picture of your pedagree below.
Take your first great grand child and cross them with and individual who does not have the disease “SS” Draw the punned square for your cross below.
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